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Portait Liz Voyer

Liz Voyer 

Artist & teacher

Welcome to my creative space !

Hi, I'm

I’ve created this space to share my multiple creative projects with you.
I hope this will inspire you to share your creativity with me and join one of my art classes!
My mission as an Artist and Teacher is to help my students grow with regards to their drawing skills and feel enough confidence to pursue their own artistic journey.
My joy as a Teacher is to help my students connect with the beauty of nature, and learn to take the time to carefully observe it through an ‘artist’s lens’, while creating their own beautiful drawings. One of my greatest joys is when a student tells me that they have become more attentive to the colors, shapes and textures around them, leading them to look at nature with a renewed admiration.
I am continuously inspired by my younger students who seem to have an instinctive love for drawing and for the natural world. In teaching how to draw animals and plants, my hope is that the sense of wonder and admiration of nature that comes with it can lead to greater respect for the environment we live in.    Respect for the natural world is, I believe, a first step in achieving a healthier balance in our cohabitation with other species on this planet.
I hope to meet you in my next class!

My journey

Aquarelle bleu
Aquarelle rouge
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Dynamic Teacher !

Elisabeth (Liz) is a dynamic teacher who cares about the well-being of her students. She transmits her teachings and advice with kindness, so that everyone can develop their skills at their own pace and be proud of their work. Her love of the arts is contagious, and encourages us to let the artist express itself in us. I was surprised at the effectiveness of online courses, which allow more flexibility, without losing the personal and engaging side of a in person class. We can't wait to try more classes with her!".

Maryse Constant

Étudiante dessin



Enseignants en formation

Teacher's training

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