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My teaching journey

My journey towards becoming an Art Teacher came naturally.  I've always liked assisting others to succeed. In 2009, as a fresh graduate from the University of Ottawa in Fine Arts, I was asked by a friend of a friend to teach drawing to her son. That's when the journey began. At the time I didn't know how to adapt my material to different ages, and this job pushed me to learn a new skill set. Today, child development is a core element of my teaching.
My teaching style is mostly based on techniques I have developed through my 11 plus years of teaching.  I teach skills for students to feel in control of and confident in their art process.
Atelier art botanique

Learning drawing techniques is like learning a new dance.  At first, it doesn't feel natural; your logical (left brain) tries to take over.  With practice, you learn the techniques by heart and that's when the magic happens! You let go! Your creativity flows (right brain) and you are in that perfect moment of creation that feels great!

murale étudiants
Through the years, I have seen how art is intertwined with self-confidence.  I help students go through the process of gaining confidence.  I've seen students come into class completely afraid of drawing, yet the same students leave class with visibly much more confidence and capabilities!

You don’t need talent to learn how to draw, you need interest and motivation!

From 2013-2019 I founded my own Art School École d’art Salamandre in my community in Aylmer, Canada. Since 2009 I have taught private and group classes as well as workshops in many settings, including many public and private schools, as well as for the City of Gatineau and the Ottawa Public Library, and in my school that I founded and directed.
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